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Common Instructions For Mobile Phone Users

Around the world Over 5 billion peoples are using mobile phones..

(List of Mobile Phone Users of 50 Countries)

If you are a mobile phone user, please take care following...

  • Never share your phone security codes with any one.
  • If your going to sleep, never hear sounds using head set, you may sleep with hearing sounds. That will affect your ears.
  • Don't put mobile phones near your head while sleeping. That may bring many head diseases even brain cancer.
  • If you buy a new SIM card, you must confirm these, your ID proofs are secure 100% . In some shops, they will scan your photo and copy other your proofs, and they will take more SIM cards using your ID proofs. That duplicate SIM may reach the hands of terrorists. So it is better to buy a new SIM card from familiar shops.
  • Also buy second hand mobiles from familiar shops only.
  • Don't give your phone or SIM card to unfamiliar peoples even for a single call.
  • Data on your mobile may more valuable than your mobile, so often back up your phone data.
  • witch off your Bluetooth and WiFi if they are useless. Using these can hack your phone.
  • Never give multimedia phones to your children, there are many chance to misuse that phone. If you add files to your phone, there is a chance to present of virus.. So add files after virus scan. Virus can crash your phone.
  • If you call continues more than 15 minutes.. It may cause to headache. So use 'Head Set' for long calls.
  • It is not better to use mobile phone while travelling (Not only while driving).
  • Don't store secret data like account number, passwords etc.
  • If your phone fall in water, firstly your must remove its battery immediately. Don't put battery until a primary service.
  • If your mobile phone become damage, give to service center immediately . Never try to self repair.
  • Never give your SIM card and Memory card to repairing center. They may misuse your personal photos and videos. If your mobile phone is ON, delete such videos and photos .
  • You must confirm that In your repairing center has enough instruments and expert technicians to solve your phone damages.

Nokia launches C6, C7, E7 at Nokia World

Nokia, the world's largest cellphone maker, has unveiled three new smartphone models, trying to claw back market share at the lucrative top end of the sector.

The new models -- E7, C7 and a new version of the C6 -- all come with large touchscreens and use the latest Symbian software. They were unveiled in London.

Nokia C6 comes with a new display technology known as ClearBlack Display (CBD). CBD is said to offer improved outdoor visibility. The display gives users another choice when choosing between Super-LCD, AMOLED and Apple's Retina Display. The smartphone has an 8 MP camera, supports WebTV and has free Ovi Maps.

Nokia C7 is a lighter, thinner version of the C6. The smartphone offers largely all the same features as C6. Both the smartphones have a 3.5-inch screen and 8GB of onboard storage. C7 is expected to be priced at approximately 335 euros. While Nokia C6 is expected to be available for 260 euros.

Nokia E7 is a business smartphone boasting of a 4 inch touchscreen CBD display and a slide-out four-row keyboard. E7 comes with an 8 megapixel camera and 16GB of on-board storage. The smartphone is able to shoot and edit 720p video and offers18 days of standby time and up to 9 hours of talktime.

Business features of E7 include support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Mail for Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft Share Point Server.

Nokia E7 is likely to be priced at 495 euros.

Nokia still controls around 40 percent of the global smartphone market volume, but has lost out to Apple and Research in Motion's Blackberry in the fatter-margin market for the most expensive cellphone models.

"The products are a clear improvement from the N97 but we know they are not where Nokia needs to be yet, and any other promise around 'we are working on it' would have not convinced anyone," said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. "A new CEO and the old guard stepping down might give investors more confidence that things are really changing."

DROID by Motorola

The DROID by Motorola for Verizon Wireless is a touch screen, QWERTY slider smartphone that has gained early attention for its super fast speeds. Featuring Google’s Android 2.0 operating system, the DROID has a desktop-like web experience and is fully customizable with apps downloaded from the Android Market. The integrated GPS and eCompass can be used with Google Maps and other location-based apps, geo-location web search, and even geo-tagging photos. Beyond geo-tagging, the DROID’s DVD-quality 5.0 megapixel camera/ camcorder also has auto-stabilization, flash, zoom and editing tools. Share your videos and photos online or via multimedia messaging. The DROID by Motorola can do everything you want a smartphone to do, and some things you’d never expect

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